Plunge Pools

Home Installation

Pool Planning Process


  • Australian Plunge Pools will complete an initial quote including crane requirements.
  • Client to select your installation method – Installation / DIY (Project Management)
  • Pool Planning Process
    1. Select Style of Pool (i.e. small Round, Large Round, Rectangular)
    2. Select Pool Layout (steps/ benches)
    3. Select Interior Finish
    Body Tile (6 options)
    Step/ Bench Edge Tile (6 options)
    Coping Tile (6 options)
    Exterior Tile Finish (optional)
  • Estimated build/ manufacturing time can be up to 6-10 weeks

Installation Process

(Install only or DIY)


  • Confirm crane and excavation access required with quotes
  • Confirm power connection required for equipment, with quotes
  • Pool permits & certification (private certifier recommended)
  • Excavation, soil removal, base preparation & backfill
  • Any other site prep needed (fencing / decking / landscaping)
  • Plumbing plan ready for pool equipment
  • Install & connection of equipment and light (electrician required)
  • Commissioning and final certification of your Plunge Pool
  • Always check with your local Building Authority for requirements of Temporary Fencing to be installed prior to pool being filled with water
  • Temporary fencing must stay in place until permanent pool fencing has been approved by local Building Authority Building as part of the final inspections

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