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New around here? Start with the basics

I’d like to get a quote from a local crane company, what info do I need for this?

You will need: the pool weight and size, the crane access and entry point, the distance of the lift, and details on powerlines or sewer lines on the property.

I filled my pool and now my yard is flooded?

Before you fill your pool, 2 things need to happen. One: it needs to be council approved, and two: the hydrostatic plug needs to be installed. If the plug is not installed, the pool will not hold water.

What if something doesn’t work?

We highly recommend you organize a rep from your local pool shop come to site show you how the equipment works and give you a rundown of the things to do to maintain your pool and equipment. If something is faulty you can contact us and we can help set up an assessment from the equipment manufacturer.

How will I know when its ready to swim?

Starting the pool up can easily take a few days as there are a few things that need to be ‘fine tuned’. Once the pool is filled, the water will be cloudy and will take a couple of days to settle. Cloudy water needs a salt or chemical adjustment, you will need to take a sample of the water to your local pool shop for analysis. As mentioned, we highly recommend a visit to your local pool company to familiarise yourself with all the normal speed bumps of running a pool.

How long do I run the pump?

Our plunge pools require the pump to run 2- 3 hours per day depending on usage, maybe slightly more with heavy use. This operation can be set on a timer and adjusted to suit the usage and climate conditions.

I have a cartridge filter. How do I clean it?

We recommend that the cartridge filter be cleaned with a pressure hose at least every 6 months, more if there is high usage or if the pool experiences extreme unstable water conditions. Simply unscrew the lid, immerse the cartridge in a weak 5:1 solution of hydrochloric acid and let it sit for 10 minutes to loosen particles and grime. Then pressure hose to clean off. Depending on the manufacturer, the cartridge should be replaced every 2-3 years or so.

What is the warranty on the pool?

The pool shell has a 7 year warranty and the pool equipment generally has between a 1 & 2 year warranty.

When do I get my warranty and product manuals?

Once final payment is received and the pool is delivered, you will find a box of handy info and product manuals is mailed to you. On top of this is your final statement. Keep this info in a safe place for future reference.

How do I know if the pool fence I am purchasing complies to the relevant regulations?

We recommend purchasing your fencing products from Bunnings.

What happens if I don't install a pool barrier within the specified time on my Building Approval?

Your pool builder by law must report this to the local Building Authority and you may get a fine from them.

What happens if I am responsible to install the pool barrier?

The Pool Barrier must be installed before the temporary fence is removed and signed off on by your local Building Authority.

How long must I keep temporary fencing up?

Temporary Fencing requirements differ from state to state so always check with your local Building Authority.

If you have any further questions please contact us here.

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