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Australian Plunge Pools is a custom made plunge pool manufacturer distributing a unique product to the Australian Pool and Hydrotherapy market.

Originally Established in 2004

Best known as

With the sole focus to build high quality engineered plunge pools, with a professional finish and with the highest quality workmanship, equipment and fittings. This ongoing philosophy has ensured that Australian Plunge Pools remains the leader in prefabricated concrete plunge pools Australia wide and internationally.


Manufacturing is completed in our factory on the northside of Brisbane Queensland and each pool is custom made and distributed throughout Australia.

Easy to Install

Installing an Australian Plunge Pool is much easier than a traditional pool due to the fact the building process is handled in our factory by expertly trained staff in controlled conditions rather than being completed onsite over a long period of time. All our pools can be installed in or above ground with a few easy steps.


  1. Order your pool from Australian Plunge Pools
  2. Submit plans to council for approval (engaging a private certifier can speed up the process)
  3. Arrange a local installer to help with all your  onsite requirements. (excavation, preparation, fencing, decking, approvals)
  4. Supply a geotech report from your property to Australian Plunge Pools
  5. Excavate to engineers specifications and apply gravel base or as specified by engineer
  6. Screed gravel level & lower pool into position (ensure pool is level once placed)
  7. Ensure all building work and fencing has been finished and certifier has been to site to sign off pool approval
  8. Ensure all licensed work is completed by suitably licensed trades, as required by your state and local laws.
  9. Install equipment, fill up & get ready to swim.