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Prefabricated pools and spa packages. Easy to Install and maintain.

Product Range

These distinctive compact pools come in a range of 4 sizes. Although the shapes are fixed the custom design options of each pool will ensure you achieve your desired depth, seating and light positions for each project design.



Our plunge pools are pre fabricated and can be installed in a day, because the product is completely factory built, the installation can be as easy as a DIY project. If you wish to engage your builder then we will liaise with your trades or if this option is not available to you then we can arrange the complete install through to the fill and handover final stage.



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Most of our pools are designed into projects by some very talented Architects, Builders and Landscape Designers. We value the support we receive from the design industry and look forward to each new challenge.



We are a National company manufacturing pre cast concrete purpose built pools. We are a dedicated supplier to the pool and design industry and an active member of SPASA.

Individual design and attention to project detail is an integral part of service. Our business consists of our Head Office, Our Manufacturing Plant and our Hydraulic Office and CAD design team.

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Swim band – resistance trainer
$45 including P&H

We can supply you with a fully complete, ready to swim, concrete plunge pool.

From backyard to courtyard to rooftop we have you covered. Swim all day or turn your pool into the ultimate day spa with a flick of a switch.

Our luxurious pools range in sizes from 2.4 metres to 3.5 metres. Play, soak or exercise in a depth from 1.35 metres or take the ultimate 2.1 metre (7 foot) plunge !!!

Fully tiled with a range of mosaic tiles our preformed concrete pools add a real wow factor to any garden with the benefit of year round fun!

As our pools are fully factory built you can have them installed in two days ready for your finishing touches or to plunge in for a swim. Fully engineered to be freestanding the placement of our pools is only limited by your imagination. The compact size of the pools makes heating and running a breeze and cuts running costs to a minimum.

So take a plunge and enjoy our pools 365 days of the year!